The time for pizza @ Montegrigna – Legnano (MI)

Pizza Montegrigna Legnano

It’s quite difficult while thinking about Italian food not to mention pizza, being one of the usual stereotypes commonly associated to us. Being relatively cheap, pizzeria is by far the preferred eat out destination in Italy: today there are about 42.000 restaurants serving pizza, to which we have to add another 21.000 shops specialized in take-away.

The wide diffusion of the format, which is generally (and wrongly) considered as fast-food, led in the last few decades to a gradual and steady decline in quality. The medium lavel is actually good in Naples, and it could not be otherwise for obvious reasons, while the situation is quite tragic in Milan, where you could count the places where to eat a good pizza on the fingers of one hand.

According to urban legends the superiority of Campania capital would be due to the peculiarities of the public water. The aforementioned legends ignore dozens of more important aspects: the quality of ingredients, the ability of the maker, the temperatue of the oven, not to mention leavening times. Continue reading “The time for pizza @ Montegrigna – Legnano (MI)”