Who I am

Someone could say that I’m a so called “foodie”, but I don’t think that a word can encapsulate a concept so complex. Let’s say that in the last ten years I’ve been fond of the world of food and wine, wandering around for restaurants, cellars and so on. I don’t have a specific background neither in journalism nor in cooking (on this side I’m absolutely self taught), so I cannot really define myself a critic, but I think I’ve at least developed a rather trained palate.

Since 2010 I’ve been writing my culinary experiences in a blog in Italian language, but it was only a few days ago when I realized that a good percentage of the visitors were from abroad. Furthermore during a recent travel in Denmark, I really noticed the lack of information on the matter in English language, excluding the well-known Michelin guide (the only one being really international) and the media coverage on the “usual ones”. In some days the only way to gather information was to use some ugly web translator from the local language…

What I’d like to do

Having suffered the hardships of lack of understandable information, and supposing that many visitors of my country will be in the same situation, I’d simply like to upgrade my previous blog to an international level. Sometimes I’ll simply translate something I’ve already written, other times I’ll post completely new or upgraded material.
I actually have to say that this is not a very good period for food critic in Italy: collusions and conflicts of interests undermine its credibility at all levels (starting from the major guides and going down to the food bloggers). I will try at least to give an independent view of the situation (how do you say? My 2 cents? 😉 )

What you have to expect

My English is quite rusty, so don’t expect big pieces of journalism. Anyway I hope you’ll find something better than an Italian web page translated with google (grammar corrections will be very appreciated 😉 ). Also I’m doing this in my spare time, so I cannot guarantee regular updates, but I’ll do my best.

How I rate

I don’t really believe in scores expressed in twentieth or cents, so I prefer to user a sort of personal and absolutely debatable approval rating measured in “flags”, using a scale going from 1 to 5. I’m quite spendthrift regarding food, but I’m not a billionaire, so I give extreme importance to value for money in evaluations. You can read them like this:

: Outstanding!!!
: Very satisfying
: Yeah, good!
: That’s ok…
: Nope!

I will rate pizzerias with a different metric, considering that price differences are usually not so big, based exclusively on the quality of pizza, with rating going from 1 to 3 (pizzas):

: Mytic!!!
: Satisfying
: Just acceptable…