Enthusiasm @ Spazio Milano – Milan

Spazio Milano

We can nearly call it "younger brother syndrome". Opening the second bistrot-style restaurant is an established trend for successful chefs. In this way they can propose the cuisine of the mother house, which has usually really important prices, in a simpler and more affordable way.

And the facts are, results are usually good… at least in the ones I experienced myself: I can only mention 108 at Copenhagen (extension of the famous Noma, for years considered the world’s best restaurant) and Cannavacciuolo CafĂ© & Bistrot, second house of one of the most mediatically exposed chefs in Italy. But Niko Romito, multi-starred chef from Abruzzo, doesn’t want to be outdone and added further interest in his own project "Spazio".

In fact, all the three restaurants under this brand are extensions of his professional cooking school "Niko Romito Formazione", and hire former students of the above. Under a wise and experienced supervision, the low average age of the staff becomes irrelevant, and all the energies derived from the overwhelming enthusiasm channelled in the right direction. Continue reading “Enthusiasm @ Spazio Milano – Milan”

The dark side @ I Tigli in Theoria – Como

Tigli in Theoria - Como

Actually it reminds me more of an asterisk, but trying not to be ironic, the Michelin star is undoubtedly one of the most wanted prizes for a restaurant, considering its international fame and the real capacity to attract customers, with effective economic advantage. A power that other Italian guides retain much less.

Of course, just after a chef can pin the red badge on his apron, customers have to be cautious about the dark side: it’s widely believed that in newly-starred eateries, you can see prices leaven just like the bread .

To be honest I’m not particularly scandalized. Obtaining and keeping the award requires considerable investments and, when the milestone has been reached, there’s nothing wrong with reaping the benefits of one’s labour. Too bad someone gets carried away sometime. Continue reading “The dark side @ I Tigli in Theoria – Como”