The No 1 @ Osteria Francescana – Modena

This is my first post on the new blog, so there’s no better way to start from the best, where the best today is Osteria Francescana in Modena, led by the skinny Italian chef (as he defines himself) Massimo Bottura. I’m obviously referring to the famous/infamous "World’s 50 Best Restaurants" which, for the first time since its creation, has an Italian restaurant at the top position.

I tend to consider this list quite playfully, mainly because the criteria on which is built are at least self-referential, but its commercial power is today comparable to that of the historic Michelin Guide. I only hope that this achievement will bring more attention to our restaurants, generally poorly considered at an international level.

I’ve been going to Bottura’s restaurant starting from 2008, and it’s no mistery to anyone who knows me that I’ve been considering it to be over the top ever since. The main reason is simple: everything tastes so really good. The flavours of each dish are incredibly intense and well balanced, but there’s even more.

Every bite unfolds a story that will bring you (for example) to follow an eel on his journey in the Po river, or to smell the scents of citrus brought by the wind on the Garda lake. You can even find yourself in ancient Rome, and immediately after in modern New York City, wandering into the market of Union Square while listening a Billy Holiday song.

Needless to say, service and wine pairings are at top level too, under the wise guide of Beppe Palmieri, a maître very sensitive to the problems of dining room and cellar… not only in his own restaurant.

More words are useless. Photos will not give the idea anyway. Go there if you can.


Bread Bread
Appetizer Appetizer
Soused aulla Soused aulla
Little river fish, instantly fried, with sour ice cream
A lentil is better than caviar A lentil is better than caviar
Mock caviar made of lentils boiled in eel broth
East rice East rice
Inspired by the wind on the Garda Lake: citrus risotto on lightly smoked whitefish
Mediterranean sole Mediterranean sole
Three cookings in one: baked in foil (made with water and salt), meunière (sauce) and low temperature
Autumn in New York Autumn in New York
Grocers products in smoked ham broth
Five seasonings of parmesan in different consistences and temperatures Five seasonings of parmesan in different consistences and temperatures
The only known dish entirely made of parmesan
The crunchy part of lasagna The crunchy part of lasagna
The most wanted part
How to teach the French to make pasta How to teach the French to make pasta
Ravioli stuffed with leeks abd foie gras, with Chardonnay sauce and truffle
Dinner at Trimalchione's: fowl in ancient roman style Dinner at Trimalchione’s: fowl in ancient roman style
Crunchy foie gras Crunchy foie gras
Great classic, covered with almonds and nuts, filled with balsamic vinegar
Cesar's salad in bloom Cesar’s salad in bloom
The top is the chamomile yogurth inside the lettuce
Ops! I've dropped the lemon tart Ops! I’ve dropped the lemon tart
Lemongrass ice cream and lemon eggnog
Chocolate and dehydratated berries Chocolate and dehydratated berries
Petit fours Petit fours
Truffle macarons, tartlet with hare and chocolate topped with dehydratated roots, liquid cherry

Prices (August 2016)

Startes: 60-80€
First Courses: 60-90€
Second Courses: 80€
Tasting menus: 220-240€

Pleasure Index

Osteria Francescana

Via Stella, 22
22100 Modena

Tel. 059 22.39.12

Closed Sunday and Monday

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